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Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing a referral based marketing system where you promote other people or company products and services.

There are mainly two methods i.e. CPA (cost per action) marketing – where you get a commission for signing up for a service.

And another one is conversion based i.e. unless and until there is conversion happened through your link, you will not get any money.

Affiliate marketing is completely legal, millions of people do it, its a billion dollar indu\stry. Affiliate marketing is called performance-based marketing, where you are awarded for the goals achieved.

Fundamentally Affiliate marketing is not about creating and selling your own products. Affiliate is not quick get rich scheme, it takes lot of time and effort, and mainly you have to be consistent.

There are no secret formulas to success, it more about experimentation. Affiliate marketing is one of most important modules of Digital Marketing

The major advantage of affiliate marketing

  • is a very low investment,
  • it’s completely online ( web) so you can work from anywhere,
  • open to anyone, any age, and any country.

Affiliate marketing is for people who want to make passive income, be your own boss, no high initial investment; you can scale as of your requirement. There are millions of affiliate products and thousands of affiliate networks. You don’t have to focus on any particular product or topic, You can change the product or service at any point in the future. Mainly delivery and payments are not your headaches.

There are many traffic sources used for promoting affiliate products, Some build review sites and rank it up by using SEO and their media buying platforms. Majorly CPA offers are done through Facebook and other social network sites, email marketing, webinars etc. If you want learn Complete affiliate marketing, we provide comprehensive Affiliate training

Top networks to signup for Affiliate Marketing:

1) Amazon Affiliate ( for physical products )
2) Clickbank ( for digital products)
3) Share A Sale
4) Commission Junction (
5) Maxbounty
6) Peerfly etc

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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing training

Article Title: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Short Description: Affiliate marketing a referral based marketing system where you promote other people or company products and services.

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