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A/B testing trents in seo 20/20

how seo in 2020 will impact your website

A / B testing is one of the common testing in every platform and through this we can get a better idea about the how the market how the user experience. A / B test results will always giving the better. A/ B testing is basically two versions of the same modules to know that which we are implementing and sending in front of the people and making a study which version is making good input Where and all we can make the SEO based A/ B testing ?

1. Create the domain with the subdomine

Create the domain with the subdomain so we can make different type of url for landing page and create the URLs with different keyword.

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2. Title and description with different keywords

Create the title and description with different keywords and add on both URl.

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3. Add the different LSI keywords on the content

Add the different LSI keywords on the content make the unique content for both page but the service and the product will be the same but the way of presenting will be different.

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4. video and audio

And audio video everything will impact the result so make the grate the video and audio everything will be unique and different type of the infographic we can add on the page.

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5. website and add with the youtube channel

Videos are more effective way to attract the people so create the more attractive videos on the website and add with the youtube channel.

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6. Highlight in a sentence

Try to add the keywords with the bullet point and main words in the content should highlight in a sentence.

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7. Set the goal

Set the goal what we need form the page lead , reach, like, whatever.

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8. Header tags

Header tags should be added with the keywords and it should be related to the landing page .

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9. Image alt text

Image alt text. Image alt text will always affect the seo because the keyword need to optimize the image search engine will not look at the image we need to tell the search engine about the image.

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10. Search engine

Explain best digital marketing company in bangalore as we have to add on the image background. Then only search engine can understand about the image.

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11. External links

External links are very important for it will give you the reference.

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12. Duplicity on the URl

Mainly the avoid the duplicity on the URl if the URL make the duplicity than both websites got penalty and i will make your website rank down

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13. Website should be unique

And content on the website should be unique can’t able to copy and paste from the other website it will badly affect the website.

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14. Website speed

Website speed should be optimized then it will affect the website visibility.

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