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Digital Marketing Skills to acquire in 2019

digital marketing skills

Just a few years ago, advanced Digital Marketing strategies/tactics/tools could be explained in just a single page’s worth of content, but this fact is no longer true. Digital Marketing Professionals, finding and grabbing the latest Digital Marketing skills is essential if they expect to hold their jobs or to advance to the next stage in their careers. However, the demand for Digital Marketers is outdoing the number of aspirants which is great for employees. Digital Marketing aspirants can rejoice because now is the time to grab your opportunity for obtaining the newest and hottest skills in Digital Marketing.

Customer Engagement is every Business’s top priority and every pore of Digital Marketing is steeped in providing exceptional customer service not just to buyers, but to every single user who actively engages with a Business’s online presence. Digital Marketers have no choice but to be skilled in the latest technologies and platforms and with undue attention, it is possible to never miss a new development in this ever-changing Industry. The amount of money going into Digital Marketing is unimaginable, driving innovation at a rapid pace. Recruiters are no longer hiring textbook marketers with fancy degrees and are instead interested in skilled employees with an eye for innovation. The latest Digital Marketing skills cannot just be read off of a few blog posts. You need assisted learning by way of live sessions from a suitable Digital Marketing Training program to master each skill and to add it successfully on your resume. Without further ado, have a look at the hottest Digital Marketing skills that you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training:

Competitive Research:

Digital Marketing has gone beyond simple optimization to know your competitors. The latest competitive research platforms like SEMRush let you analyze your competitors’ marketing strategy including the keywords they target and rank for, the kind of ads they run and the customer engagement strategy they employ that works for them. Competitive Research is vital to present day Digital Marketing and companies are looking for employees skilled in research tactics. There are platforms that let you measure your audience growth against that of your competitors’ over a specific time. Tools like Share of Interaction (SOI) graphs are the newest in Digital Marketing that you can master via Digital Marketing Training. Candidates who can present competitive analysis reports are deemed valuable in the present climate and are most sought-after by employers.

Social Media Management:

With the explosion of Social Media platforms, companies need to be on several different platforms to target specific customer bases. As such, it’s a daunting task to manage shares and posts on each platform in accordance with the latest trends as well as interacting with followers. Social Media Management tools and platforms let you monitor your Social Media activity on several different platforms at once thus enabling convenient Social Media engagement. You can learn to use Social Media Management platforms through Digital Media Training and get hired as a Social Media Management expert at top corporations.

Data Visualisation:

Data Sets are complex and difficult to manage for Businesses trying to keep themselves running. Data obtained from Digital Marketing Research and Analysis involve in-depth reports of customer behavior which companies need to sort through and utilize to put marketing campaigns into motion. Visualisation tools that take complex data and statistics and convert them into visuals that clearly define them are among the hottest skills in Digital Marketing. Story-telling using datasets is another vital skill in this regard. You can learn the art of Data Visualisation from Digital Marketing Training and obtain data interpreting jobs in Digital Marketing companies.

Video Marketing:

Videos are everywhere and they’re a strong medium for customer engagement right now. Videos used in Digital Marketing are made for Virtual Reality, are live-streamed, or shot as 360-degree videos. But mostly, bite-sized social videos are the ones that go viral and are used in most Digital Marketing campaigns. Expert video editing skills for the purpose of Digital Marketing are a hot skill that you can learn from Digital Marketing Training. You will get insight into the power of videos and graphics in Content Marketing along with the tools to measure their performance.

Marketing Automation:

Digital Marketing no longer requires you to spend hours researching, analyzing, and sharing posts at specific times. Most tools are automated requiring you to just rig them to work according to your requirements. Companies don’t sit all day waiting for website visitors to pop up and then individually check where they’re coming from. If Automation tools are used in the right way, they automatically collect and collate data for review. Advanced use of Marketing Automation tools is a valuable skill you can acquire through Digital Marketing Training that will automatically get you noticed by employers.

Machine Learning:

AI/Machine Learning is set to be the next biggest thing that will change the face of Digital Marketing for good. Machine Learning is intensely technical requiring a strong skill-set that can be acquired from Digital Marketing Training. Machine Learning, when combined with Digital Marketing data, results in improved automation to enable campaigns to perform on their own. The research data obtained from Digital Marketing Analytics is huge and unmanageable manually and machine learning will be of huge help if it reaches its highest potential. Machine Learning as a skillset is a gold mine for companies and anyone hired based on it can expect obscene salary packages for the simple reason that machine learning is set to tremendously expand ROI for Businesses in the coming years.

Digital Marketing is an evolving field with new technologies emerging every other day. There is no ultimate level but there sure is the latest and the most modern skills that you can add to your list of Digital Marketing skills acquired. Enroll yourself in Digital Marketing Training now to enjoy its benefits. Not only will your training stand out in your job application, hopefully, you can utilize your skills to one day build a million-dollar business online.