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How do We Earn Money by Digital Marketing?

Earn money online by digital marketing

There are millions of people earning money online through a various platform like

  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling products & service
  • As an employee of a company
  • Google AdSense


Freelancing is working for a company or business but not being part of it. The best reason is you can work on your free time, and work from wherever you want, but there will be deadlines. Usually, the Work or tasks done will Goal oriented. There are online platforms where you can sign up and get projects for SEO, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Copy-writing etc. The Best place to start will be  Fiverr, Upwork and

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing  is one of best ways to make money online. Billions of dollars are made through promoting other people ( 3rd party) products and services. If a Sale or Lead Happens through your affiliate link, the referral fee ( or affiliate commission) will be credited to your account. The affiliate commission varies from product to product & service to service. The referral fee will be from 4% to 75 %(  ex: 75% for Digital products like eBooks, courses, software’s etc.)

You don’t have to be an owner of the product or service. You can change the product whenever we want. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of handwork, low investment.

Major Affiliate networks are Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank, Max bounty, Peer fly, etc

Selling your own products and Services

Selling your own products and Services   – Selling your products on eBay and Amazon, Dropshipping through Shopify, Selling your own Digital products likes EBooks, video courses (educational courses ) and SaaS Products.

You Can Work as an Employee of a company. As every business or company needs a Digital Marketer who can drive leads and sales their products or services. There are multiple channels where you can choose from SEO, PPC, SEM, Email Marketing, building Funnels and has more than 40+ Designations:

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • SEO Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer etc.

Google AdSense

Once your blog starts getting traffic and building authority in a particular niche. You can apply for AdSense, where you become Google display network partner; Where Google will be putting ads on your website. Google AdSense will pay you per each Click and RPM (revenue for 1000 impressions). The money made is Google AdSense is very low. Unless you have a very popular website or a YouTube video that gets a lot of views.

The major disadvantage of Google AdSense is that you can’t control whose ads are being shown on your website. This is a major advantage for your competitors as they can put in their ads on your website.My opinion is all of the above-mentioned works, well I highly recommend going for affiliate marketing. Want to learn how to do Affiliate Marketing. Sign up for an Advanced Digital marketing Course in Bangalore at Learn Digital Academy.