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Experts Guidance for How to Start a Career in SEO

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Want to start a career as an SEO Marketing & just want to enter in Digital Marketing Field world then must read this article.

“An SEO Expert is one who knows how SEO functions and how to apply SEO to build the rankings of a website in Search Engines.”

As now everyone is moving towards Digital Marketing field from a small company to the big industries and hence so many SEO jobs have been created. SEO is one of them, you can kick-start your career as an SEO Expert or Specialist.

SEO is part of Digital Marketing and career in Digital Marketing is becoming popular in India and SEO experts are in demand in the industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as an important industry in recent years due to increasing power that search engine like Google. As a number of organizations are trying to raise their rankings on Search engine Result Pages (SERP), they look for a specialized marketing professional to accomplish this goal, the SEO specialist.

If you see the recent advertisements on popular job portals, you will be able to find that the need for well-trained SEO professionals in India is growing every day.

Almost every small, medium and big organizations who have a website is now investing in SEO to get top ranking in Google search.

With an increase in demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, employment opportunities in the industry are likewise increasing.

SEO experts are entrusted with designing, developing and promoting high-quality websites. SEO experts are not only the part of the builders of the website but are more often a consulting specialist.

SEO Training for Beginners

  • • Start learning SEO.
  • • Find a mentor who can provide you a sort of knowledge.
  • • Join the SEO Training Center where you will have a thorough knowledge of SEO, SEO tools and its tactics.
  • • Follow SEO blogs.

“What is SEO”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means, setting up the website and content to show up through online search results. It helps to improve the visibility of a website within the organic or natural search result.

SEO is comprised of many subcomponents, the most important are:-

Technical SEO:-

This part of the SEO is tied in with crawling and indexing, wherein the web index bots crawl your website and index based on the content and keywords. Technical SEO comprises also of making your website loading time faster, mobile-friendly pages, readable fonts, etc.

On-Page SEO:-

This part of the SEO is about optimizing your page, content, keywords, meta tags, URL, image alt tags, sitemaps, etc. Technically all the changes made on the website is to make it more user-friendly is part of On-Page SEO.

Off-Page SEO:-

This is a process in SEO which comprises of directory submissions, link-building, promotions on social media platforms, and any activity you do to drive traffic from other websites on your website.

Content SEO:-

This part of the SEO is about optimizing the content on your website where you write your content based on your keyword research, write appropriate titles, headings, sub-headings, which overall makes your content better for both website visitors and the search engines. Remember when your visitors love your content then Google loves your content. Hence, make sure that your content is really informative, engaging and useful.

SEO Expert Training

SEO expert helps small business owners, companies, organizations to create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites which in results helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites by ranking faster in search engines, and eventually increases conversion rates.

SEO expert also helps to build brand awareness for the business as search engine users are more likely to trust a site that are on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) than brands who are not.

SEO experts are assigned to the number of responsibilities, depending on the company and industry. An SEO expert should have a number of important skills:-

1. Website Analysis:-

A website analysis is a tool for people to study how they might improve a given a website and website’s ranking on the search engine. With a complete website analysis and SEO analysis, you can find what aspects of your strategy are working and what your biggest obstacles are that are preventing you from improving your site ranking.

2. Content Analysis & Generation:-

As an SEO expert you also do have to do content analysis and content generation. Content analysis is a research method which allows the qualitative data collected in research to be analyzed systematically and reliably. The keywords are important in a website but the textual information and graphical content that comprise the page must also be produced by the SEO specialist.

3. Keyword Optimization:-

Keyword optimization is also known as keyword research. It is the process of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to focus to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website. Researching keywords and organically bringing them into a website is essential to an SEO improved page.

4. Web Researcher:-

Web research is the practice of using internet information or internet-based resources. The SEO expert also provides valuable information about the latest SEO guidelines. Here, SEO expert has also to play the role of web researcher.

5. Link Builder:-

This is an SEO specialization that is developing in importance as more search engines have adopted back-link connecting as an important part of the search algorithms. Creating authentic backlinks to the client’s website from reputable sites can be an intricate proposition which requires extensive expertise and critical human administration skills.

SEO as a Career:-

There are many options available to start a career as SEO. You can do part-time or full-time work accordingly or you can start a business etc.

The below are few points given to start a career:

  1. 1. Join a Digital marketing company as an SEO executive to start your career as there are various SEO Jobs in Bangalore
  2. 2. Start working with an established company or startup to manage their SEO.
  3. 3. You can also work as an SEO consultant for more than one company.
  4. 4. Become a freelance SEO professional and take SEO projects.
  5. 5. Join any SEO training center which Provides the SEO training Course and Certification.
  6. 6. Write blogs and earn from affiliate marketing and advertising.

Advantages of becoming an SEO expert

There are many meaningful advantages of becoming an SEO Expert, few of them are as follows:

1. Learn a New Skill

It’s always good to learn a new skill which would help you in your career and life. Learning about SEO will always help you grow through your website or in finding freelancer jobs or full-time works easily if you are looking to make a successful career in SEO field.

2. Increase Your Website’s Rankings and Traffic

There is a well-known proverb “if you wish to get your work done perfectly, then do it yourself, don’t be completely dependent on others”. Henceforth, this is the clearest reason as to why you ought to learn and practice SEO to become an SEO expert.

3. Helps in Hiring a Better Workforce

Employees in an organization are its best asset. Skilled and hardworking employees make an organization grow much faster. If you want to hire people for your online business, and if you would have knowledge about SEO you would gaze the skills of your new hirings you’re procuring for the SEO work and hire a better workforce which would help you develop your organization faster.

4. Save Money on Paid Ads

If you do your SEO yourself in a better way that would drive you good quality traffic which results in better sales and revenue. And you don’t spend your money on paid ads to get that same quality of traffic on your website, which is often very expensive.

5. Reduce Marketing Cost

Hiring SEO agencies or SEO advisors add up your showcasing costs. But if you can save a lot of money if you can do SEO yourself than having to hire an SEO consultant.

6. Offer Your Services to Others

If you know about SEO you can offer your services to others and get paid for your services.

7. Opportunities to Teach Others

People want to learn from the experts. If you become an SEO expert you can help others and teach them about SEO Training and get paid for doing so.

Keep in mind that in online business SEO is not discretionary, rather it is mandatory. You can not keep burning money on advertisements for a longer time. But, having the privilege SEO practices executed on your website can have an enormous effect.

Acquire Base Knowledge

If you’re a beginner, then you need to get base SEO knowledge. And even if you are experienced, you should still study and practice the fundamentals. This builds knowledge reinforcement. Master the fundamentals.

Here are some fundamentals you need to learn:

KPIs, Analytics, & Data Analysis

SEO requires you to analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Don’t worry… this doesn’t mean you have to be a technical geek.

You just need to understand what data/KPIs actually matter and how to use the data/KPIs to improve your campaigns.

The first tool you need to understand is Google Analytics.

After that, you need to learn how to use Google Search Console. Google Search Console has an array of functions that Google Analytics doesn’t have.

The final set of tools you have to figure out how to utilize for backlink analysis and management.

Keyword Research

Recognizing the right keywords is one of the most critical & innovative skills you can learn. The search for keywords related to your Web site, and the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on investment (ROI).

Competitor Analysis

Finding prospective keywords is only the first step. You have to validate your keywords by analyzing the competitors.

Technical Optimization

Technical issues will kill your site’s performance in Google. That’s why you need to become a master of finding and fixing them.

Page-Level Optimization

You need to comprehend the art of optimizing organic landing pages. These are the keyword-targeted pages you want to rank in Google. This is the easiest SEO fundamental to learn.

Site Architecture

Analyzing and understanding how to structure your website is a fundamental SEO skill.

A well-developed site architecture does a few important things:

  • • It can help search engine spiders crawl your site more efficiently
  • • It can improve user experience
  • • It can reduce down the no. of backlinks you need to rank because of the efficient flow of the link equity.

Developing Content Assets

You have likely heard that “content is king”. This is true, Content is one of the greatest components of a successful SEO campaign. It is fundamental that you figure out how to make keyword target content assets.


As an SEO expert, you need to know how to perform SEO audits. Audits help you identify issues that may be hurting a site’s performance. This will ensure that you’re staying on top of things.

Keep Yourself Updated on Search Engine Algorithm Changes

SEO is very dynamic and the guidelines and algorithms of SEO keep changing constantly. In order to give the users a better experience, Google and other search engines keep modifying their algorithm very frequently. An SEO expert needs to be updated about these changes and adjust their SEO campaigns accordingly so that they could not lose their search ranks in search engines.

There are even various SEO Training Institutes in Bangalore which can teach you SEO Training Course Online/Class room Training Choose the Best SEO Training Institute in Bangalore Which provides the Practical Training on Live Projects and Keeps you updated With Syllabus and Provides the Placement Support.

The best way to stay tuned with the latest information is to follow a couple of SEO news websites that provide information about SEO changes. As soon as the Algorithm Updates comes One should make the required changes as soon as possible and not wait for too long, because waiting can cause to lose your search engine rankings for your website and the targeted keywords.

Keep Practicing to Become an SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization like driving a vehicle, more you practice more you drive perfection in it. There is no surety on SEO until you use it practically. It is best to keep practicing and checking the results to keep on growing your knowledge for SEO.

Each website is different and totally have a different SEO requirement for it, hence more you research on a different type of websites more you learn about the SEO.

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