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Future of Digital Marketing in India

Well everyone is talking about Digital marketing and their benefits. Well before getting into the future of digital marketing. We understand what is marketing – marketing is all about getting more customers/clients to your business. Now if you’re using the Internet to market your products and service it called Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing we also call it Data-Driven Marketing

Its very exciting time for digital marketers, there are a lot of tools and technologies coming to the market for helping digital marketers to automate most of the tasks. We understand more about the customer and their journey is deciding the product or service. We are moving from mass media approach to targeted approach

Why is Digital Marketing important?

Use of the internet is booming. There are about 7.6 Billion People on this Planet of which 53% of people use internet ie approx. 4.021 billion.

People using Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is 42% i.e. 3.196 billion

People using Mobile Devices 5.135 billion approx. 68% of the world use Smartphones and tablets.

The cost to acquire the customer is 60% to 70% less in Digital marketing compared to traditional way of marketing.

Even people are moving from offline shopping to online Shopping (Ex: Amazon), Travelling (MakeMyTrip). Food delivery (Swiggy),  cab booking (Uber), Money transfer (PayPal) etc

Coming to Top Countries using the internet –

India is the Second largest user of the internet after China. But only 35% of Indians use the internet, but the use of internet is growing very fast due to the price and availability of internet. & government initiatives like digital India.

There is a huge gap to fill in the field of Digital marketing. There are about 8 Lakh Job Opening in the next 3 years with more than 40 designations. Honestly, every business or company need a digital marketing, as marketing is all about getting targeted prospects and leads for a business. If you don’t know how to get a steady stream of customers, then the business is not likely to grow. Good news, India is the hub of Start-ups and all these companies need a Digital marketing team.

India is just growing with its user base on the internet. This is the best time to get into digital marketing. Learn Digital Academy is offering one of the Best Digital Marketing course in Bangalore offering 30 Digital marketing modules and 12 Certifications and 3 months internships.

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