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What’s the Job Market like for Digital Marketing?

job market for digital marketing

Digital Marketing is now a full-fledged industry with consumers making online purchases for almost all necessities. Organizations that hope to build a strong online presence are now allocating a good chunk of their budget towards improving on Digital Marketing. Traditional Marketing methods have become obsolete since they no longer hold good for targeting potential customers in the cyberspace. This has opened a plethora of opportunities in various Digital Marketing sectors with individuals hoping to make a career in this lucrative industry. The Job Market for Digital Marketing is thriving and has become significantly competitive in just a few years.

Job Roles in Digital Marketing:

The Digital Marketing Job Market is not limited to a single role but is spread across different aspects of building and maintaining an active online presence which includes Web Development and Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management, Social Media, and Online Advertising. Below are a few prominent career paths that you can take to become a Digital Marketing Professional:

  • Content Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • Web Analytics Executive
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Executive
  • Web Analytics Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

This is a broad list with more centralized opportunities present in each category.

The Digital Marketing Job Market is very strong:

Yes! Digital Marketing is an excellent field in the present scenario since most companies are focused on obtaining a broad outreach and are targeting potential customers online than through traditional channels. The sudden rise in career opportunities in Digital Marketing is attributed to the fact that organic traffic is contributing to increased web traffic and companies are realizing the need to encourage and develop strategies to attract more organic traffic. Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing has seen a massive increase in job openings with SEO related career opportunities seeing a steady rise of 33% since last year and Content Marketing jobs seeing a rise of 43% in reputed corporations.

High Growth Rate for the Digital Marketing Job Market:

Ever since Social Media took over the World Wide Web, the Growth Rate for the Digital Marketing Job Market has been slightly more than the average. Since the world of Digital Marketing is largely reliant on customer opinions and trends, jobs related to customer engagement and Advertising where companies engage with customers in unique and appealing ways without being salesy holds high prominence. In fact, if this trend were to continue, the Department of Labour Statistics has predicted that by 2024, as many as 200000 jobs would crop up in Online Advertising and Digital Promotions.

Tips to begin your Digital Marketing Career:

Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving world with trends having a huge influence over the job market. With changing customer trends, new skills are always in demand in the job market. Digital Marketers need to constantly upgrade themselves with the latest trends in Digital Marketing. Whether you’re starting out on your Digital Marketing Career or you’re looking for bigger and better opportunities, below are a few clever ways in which you can up your influence in the eyes of Digital Marketing Recruiters:

Digital Marketing Blogs:

There are several websites/blogs that provide in-depth information on everything new in Digital Marketing. Reading Online Resources are an excellent way to be an expert on the newest Digital Marketing Trends. Like neilpatel , Search Engine journal, Moz etc

Tutorials and Webinars:

There are several tutorial videos that teach you how to incorporate the most effective digital marketing strategies for your website and learning from them as a efficient way to show off your knowledge during an interview.

Get Certified:

A Certification Course in Digital Marketing is affordable and easily available. You can choose from different areas of Digital Marketing to get certified in, that interests you can enroll yourself for a Digital Marketing Certification Course from a Learn Digital Academy

Getting yourself noticed in the Digital Marketing Job Market:

Owing to the intense competition in the field right now, you will be shocked to discover that your fellow aspiring Digital Marketers all hold the same certification as you do and are equally proficient in Modern Digital Marketing strategies. Wading through the competition to get the job that you desire can be hard and its important to set yourself apart from the crowd. These tips will help you get noticed in the Digital Marketing Job Market:

Show Portfolio:

Aspiring Digital Marketers need a live portfolio of the results achieved with the Digital Marketing skills on their resume. Before you even start attending interviews, build your portfolio and present live demographics that you can add to your resume to improve its strength.

Pick a Niche that interests you:

Digital Marketing is not limited to Google Analytics alone. There are various skills that you can acquire and specific niches that may interest you more than others. Imbibe a skill that’s unique and that keeps you interested and recruiters will instantly notice your passions out of the hundred similar-looking resumes.

Build a Personal Brand:

Personal Branding is very important if you want to be perceived as a Professional in Digital Marketing. Build your LinkedIn profile to reflect your achievements. Optimize your website to show up when your name is googled. Offer to do Guest Blogs and showcase your work on your Portfolio.

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