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Social media For Business Growth

social media for business growth

There are over 3 billion social network users across the globe and business owners use the social network to grow their business.

You can market products and services to the individual across the globe using social media.

Businesses advertise their brands through sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to grow their businesses.

There are 1.7 billion active Facebook users monthly and most businesses use Facebook as the start point for social media marketing.

At least 80% of Instagram users follow one business. If you don’t take advantage of the social media then you’re missing a chance to interact and engage your prospectus customers using inexpensive and effective means.

How social media helps in business growth

Creating brand awareness

Social media can expose you to half of the world’s population. Many people connect with product brands they’re interested with through the social media. They learn about the availability of new products through the various social media networks.

Business owners can use the social media platforms to create and grow a relationship with their fans and followers. The fans can also help in marketing and sharing the product brand to their friends.

Establish a brand as a thought leader

Thought leadership helps to build trust with your target audience. Establishing a thought leadership helps you to focus on information related to your niche.

This enables you to be recognized as having authority in that field and many people want to be associated with your business thus building trust with them.

Social media can help you in building brand authority. The more information you share content about your product the more people will be able to trust you.

Personalize your brand

Social media enables you to create a social proof of your product. For you to connect with the potential customers you need to show them the human side of your brand. What value does the brand add to them?

Being able to show how you can meet the interests of your customers and other people your doing business with can help you in the growth of your business.

Social media can help you to create human connections with your target audience and be able to personalize your brand. It helps you to show prospectus customers how your current customers have been able to benefit from your product.

Social media helps you stay on top of your business

Every time you log in to your social account, you can engage your followers by interacting with them. Always post informative and entertaining posts for your followers.

Posting new content will make your social account the go-to place for consumers who want to learn more about your business and also the top priority whenever they want to make a purchase.

When creating content to post on the social network, use keywords that can make your content to be indexed by the search engines. This ensures your business is part of the solution whenever someone is searching for certain information or solution to a certain problem.

Social media helps to increase web traffic

Using engaging posts and ads in your social media account can drive traffic to your website. You can share blogs or website content to your social media accounts and this can help you to reach to a large audience.

Your audience will be able to get information on your newly published posts. Participating in Chatbots like Twitter’s HootChat can help you to increase visibility.

Interact with as many people as possible by sharing what you know. Offer value through the chats and ensure your website details are included in your social media profiles to ensure your new connections can get in touch with you. If chats are properly used, they can drive traffic to your website.

Generate Leads

Many businesses use social media to generate leads for their products. You can use Facebook ads to generate leads. Potential customers can express interest in a posted ad and once they click on the ad, they are taken to your website where they can learn more about that ad in your social account.

You can come up with several advertising ads which are aimed at generating leads to your business.

Social media helps you to promote your content. It enables you to put your products in front of a new audience and this makes them interested enough to look for more information about the product.

Helps to reduce advertising cost

Social media marketing is very cheap compared to traditional marketing methods. You can use low-cost advertising methods offered by social media to reach to a large number of audience and promote your content.

Social media channels like Google algorithms filter content based on what users need to view and taking advantage of this can increase traffic to your business.

Boost sales

Social media can help in selling your products. There is a growing number of sales tools and people are using the social network to search information amount a certain product. You can use your social account to create sales funnels with your new contacts.

You need to convert all the new contacts in your social account to customers.

Create a partnership with influencers

Influencers have a large number of followers in the social media and partnering with influencers can help you draw their followers to your business.

Get more people to talk about your business. The more people talking about your business the more sales you will have in the business and this can help to build credibility and brand awareness.

Helps you to go viral

When people comment, like and share your posts through the social network, it makes your content be known over the internet. This helps in the growth of your business.

Consumers follow product brands over the social media as major digital marketingstrategy and businesses need to budget on social media marketing strategies to win the competition and increase business growth

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