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Social Media Marketing 2020

social media marketing

In this technological era, people are more engaged in social networking sites. As technology has grown tremendously people have become more digital and still, the number is increasing day by day. From teen-agers to the old ones almost every people are connected to some platforms of social media marketing. At present, around 3.5 billion people are using social media networks worldwide. That’s almost 40% of the globe’s population and it is estimated by 2022, the number will reach up to 4.3 billion.
Social media marketing is one of the most cost-efficient digital marketing techniques used to syndicate content and increase the business' perceive. Optimizing social media and implementing a social media marketing strategy significantly increases brand recognition.
To begin, create social media profiles for your business and start connecting with others. Simply having people interact with your content will increase brand awareness and start constructing your reputation as a business.
Each post that is shared will be acquainted with a new network of individuals, which can lead them to get potential customers, and the more people who know about your business, the better. By contributing just a couple of hours per week, over 91% of marketers claimed that their social media marketing endeavors enormously increased their exposure. There is no doubt that by simply having a social media page your brand will benefit, and with standard use, it can generate a wide group audience for your business.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?<

Social Media Marketing is an online platform if we say directly it is a form of internet marketing. It is a technique to target the different platforms of social networks to spread brand awareness and promote particular products and services by using social media tools. The objective of Social Media Marketing is to produce content –(such as text, images, and videos — but also includes community engagement and paid ads) that users will share with their social network to help an organization increases in brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing (SMM) in 2020

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • More Inbound Traffic
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
  • More Brand Authority
  • Cost-Effective
  • Gain Marketplace Insights
  • Direct Referral Traffic To Your Site
  • Retarget Your Audience Using Social Media
  • Promote Your Content
  • Communicate With Customers About Niche Topics
  • Easy A/B Testing To Get The Biggest Results
  • Use #Hashtags To Increase Your Reach
  • Keep Your Customers Up-to-Date

Types of Social Media Marketing Platforms


Facebook is the most popular social platform with about 1.65 billion monthly active users. It is not only the platform for personal use but business as well. For business, it is a place to share general news, photos, videos, and the latest updates. Here, the fans of your business page come to know the latest happening or events of your company.

How to Use Facebook for Marketing

It’s important to start by building your page on Facebook. After creating your page publicize it and post a link, including adding a social icon onto your website. Once you’ve done then it is important to update your page with photos, videos and share your products, offers, services. You should keep posting things that get your audience to engage with your posts. Post that they will click, “like,” comment, and share. The more people get engaged, the more frequently your post will appear in other timelines.
It’s very important to remember that many users use Facebook as a personal network to connect and communicate with their friends or loved ones. So your post regarding your products and services needs to fit in this environment to keep people interested, don’t just make it about selling.
Tool to Utilize: Advertising
In social media marketing, Facebook Marketing in the business world has grown up rapidly. It uses social graphs and behaviors to recognize those who fall within your customers' demographics. Facebook Ads are more extremely bring strong leads for your business that are actually looking for particular products or services. The Facebook algorithm helps to reach your advertisements to the right audience. This algorithm makes sure that your advertising budget is not wasted on those people who are not interested in your products and services.


Twitter is another fast-paced, succinct, and easy way for your audience to connect. Twitter is a social media which contains short tweet or information around 140 characters or less. With over 321 million registered users, Twitter allows its users to read, click, follow, tweet and re-tweet.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing

Twitter creates more than 180 million tweets per day and helps you to share information and pictures easily in an attempt to get people back to your website or landing pages. You get only a limited number of characters, so make them count! While making an advertisement on Twitter you need content that entices people to stop and click through. People usually click through easily but stopping them in their tracks requires more than just simple text and make sure when you make your tweets it should be eye-catching that makes people click on that. Always try to use quotes, facts or questions about the reference that you are tweeting as a way that people who want to read more. All it may be in the form of photos, short videos, gifs, memes, or even polls. In social media marketing, Twitter helps to generate traffic for your website and it is important to ensure that you should build a relationship with followers by sharing ideas.
Tool to Utilize: Hashtags
In social media marketing hashtags (#) are the main key tool especially on the platform like Twitter. By participating in existing discussions these hashtags help you to reach a larger audience except your followers. People often search for specific information and also check hashtags in trending. So before using hashtags, do some research so that your post likely to be found by the right people.


LinkedIn is another way for promotion in social media marketing. It is totally different from the other platform of social media. LinkedIn is formed specifically for companies, businesses, and professionals. People primarily go to LinkedIn to highlight their work experience and professional views. It is one of the most important social sites for B2B people to use. It allows users to avail features like Company Pages, Groups, Blogging Interface, InMail, etc. LinkedIn is a useful platform not only to get traffic but also for prospecting, setting up strategic leadership and recruiting.
Tool to Utilize: Groups
The main powerful tool to utilize in LinkedIn is Group. There is much less conversation happens directly in this platform as compared to other social sites. So one of the ways here is to join LinkedIn groups to connect with people from the same industry or from different businesses. Here you can ask your question for a discussion to flow. It is the best way to show your industry experience.


YouTube is the world’s largest and top leading video-sharing social platform. In this platform, a business can create a channel and can start uploading videos for brand making. It allows the key features like create playlist and prompt discussions. It was intended for the users to create and share the original video content. YouTube gives the priority to search video contents to educate others,

How to Use YouTube for Marketing

YouTube for your business is the finest way to showcase the company profiles of its products and services. Here videos are much more engaging and entertaining with sharing text content and it also helps to rank your business site in Google search.

When creating videos for YouTube quality matters.

Make sure that when you upload any video on YouTube it should be meaningful with quality content and be attentive to the quality of your sales. The video you upload should be clean, simple and easy to understand.
Tool to Utilize: Teaching Opportunities
YouTube provides you an opportunity to be an educator of your industry. Upload your webinars and videos or audios about important topics that will help your audience learning through this way you can get more engagements for your business.

11. Google has been replacing the target search page location and Outranking share to Target impression share.

Target impression share is a type of automatic bidding strategy. That automatically sets to achieve goals on the absolute top of page, on the top of page, anywhere on google search results.


Pinterest is also one of the unique social media marketing platforms. On this social platform, you are able to share a clickable image with a short caption. It is a famous platform for e-commerce business, food, and restaurants, clothing brands, etc. The key features which it allows for its users like Pins or Repins, Analytics, etc.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest is a shallow platform, so every image you post must be high quality and make your feed outstand. While posting your images in Pinterest make sure to link back a similar blog or page on your website. When people see your images and click through to your site it should be eye-catching and they should read or see the information related to your image. Once you begin to post and organize your images by dividing it into boards. Every board should have a class related to various aspects of your business. So make it easy for your followers to find what they are searching for. Always remember that your caption should be keyword optimized. Pinterest can not crawl photos like any other search engine. When people will browse images this caption will help to show your pin.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Making Social Media Marketing strategy is very important for every business, it is a game plan to increase awareness, improving communication with the users and get potential customers for your business.
  • Choosing the right network, setting up the market goals, evaluating the desired results, etc. all are a part of social media marketing strategy. All your strategies ensure that the positive impact of your business on social media.
  • Social Media Marketing should be done by creating the quality contents which people like and share with their friend on the social network.
  • Creating a social media calendar will help you consistently posting quality content which is the key to achieve your goals and growing your followers.
  • People are more engaging on social media, it is not just reading, looking and watching content they go online to connect with other people. A successful business is not simply broadcasting to their audiences but they keep interacting with them.
  • Tracking social media performance metrics like engagement statistics, number of clicks, number of leads, number of conversions, return on investments, etc. are also important.

Conclusion Social Media platform is the best way to reach your audience easily and doing social media marketing has its own set of practices just like other marketing activities. Study and research these best practices in social media marketing campaigns. This will help you to be more clear and more productive and it will also help you to achieve goals more efficiently.