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Future of Web Content

future of web content

Today’s world is all about Internet/web content. Digital content has been evolved vigorously for a few years. Whether it is in the form of text or video or audio or podcasts content plays a major role to reach audience/customers. Also, the reach is and should be within no time.

But a few years ago, Short and Sweet phrase was popular for the content to be delivered to audience/customers. This was because the readers/audience had to get all the information quickly. In short, providing more information in less span of time.

Now, QUALITY, as well as QUANTITY, are equally important in content. Also, longer the content, more are the backlinks. If you include more quality links chances are high, your rank will be pushed up in google search engine rankings.

But will this really helpful in rankings?

Probably NO, because N million websites/blogs exist and you have tons of competition in the niche you choose. For example, if you want to write something related to current affairs there would be someone who probably would have updated that event before you even posted it maybe just in a span of an hour or minutes difference.

Whatever popular keyword you use the COMPETITION will be HIGH.

There are already so many blogs exist in the same niche you want to start a blog. You get almost every information on the web now; I repeat Almost Everything. Don’t panic just Stand Out with your specialty.

Competition for generic term or keyword is also as high as a well-known popular keyword. You can also get traffic through long tail keywords but which will, in turn, be competitive. For example, I could rank only in 4th position by using a long tail keyword for my recipe blog.

So, competition is everywhere, to compete with we need a content strategy

What is Content Strategy?

In order to compete with your fellow competitors in The New Era of Digital Marketing, you need to do some content strategy.

Content strategy is nothing but setting up a goal, planning, creating, developing, distributing useful and authentic content.

Goal-Setting up a goal is important. For example, decide what are you going to write about, this can be in any form like video or audio, not a text alone

Plan-Once you set up the goal, plan or make a schedule for your content creation, like “I work on this goal for a few hours per day”. Also, work on keyword research, SEO, etc

Create-Now create the genuine content in any form like text or video or audio.

Develop-Once you created the content go through it thoroughly and edit until you’re satisfied. This is how I do.

Distribute-Once the content is created, distribute or publish on to the website and share on your social platforms.

The above strategy is the way I do for my website/blog. Also, my writing has improved a lot from my first post to till the current post. Don’t worry if you can’t write great, it just improvises automatically as you write more articles.

Tips for Content Writing

  • Try to write fresh and unique content. This helps your content to stand out
  • Avoid generic keywords/key phrase
  • Be authentic and transparent
  • Start with minimum 300 words content, then gradually improvise (for beginners)
  • Write minimum of 1000 or more words content. (in general)
  • Give examples. This helps people engage with your article.
  • Always write keeping readers persona in your mind.
  • Write personalized articles.
  • Include your personal experiences in the article. This helps the audience to connect with you instantly
  • If you have to include images, try to use the images which you have clicked yourself, you can use your smartphone alone.
  • Keyword research and Seo are important as well for the search engines


Content can never be ended, it can only be updated and published. New ideas, new concepts always flood in human brains so is the content. People always love new content, new strategies, solutions. In addition to it write your personal experiences and tell them how you have overcome that particular problem, also give them the solution. On that note, I conclude that Content should be Fresh, Authentic, Unique and Transparent in this competitive Web World. After all, the web is the source to get instant information for any query.

Author:- Mamatha Rani- Learn Digital Academy

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